Oh No Oh My – Farewell Show at Red 7

Red 7 - Austin, Texas – 8/24/13

Oh No Oh My – Farewell Show at Red 7

All good things must come to an end, so come share one last hurrah with some of your favorite Austin weirdos, collectively known as Oh No Oh My. 

At this time we have no plans to play anymore ONOM shows after this one, but we’ll all be moving on to new musical projects and endeavors. We’re hoping this is sort of a retrospective type thing to get all our friends/fans together for one last show…so we’ll be playing a “Best Of” type of set list, filled with and all the “hits” and lots of older songs we haven’t played in years. 

Come celebrate the almost 9 years we’ve been playing together as Oh No Oh My.

Saturday August 24th, 2013
Red 7
Doors at 9:00
Booher at 10:00
Royal Forest at 11:00
Oh No Oh My at 12:00
21+ cover is $5
21 & under is $7


released 27 August 2012
Greg – Singing, Bass, Organ, Acoustic Guitar
Daniel – Guitar, Organ, Wurly
Tim – Organ, Guitar
Joel – Drums, Tambourine

Mixed by Daniel Hoxmeier
Mastered by Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta at The Lodge
Cover Photo by Tommy Kha

I Am On Your Side

released 27 August 2012
Greg – Singing, Rhodes, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Vox Samples
Daniel – Bass, Singing, Vox Samples
Tim – Electric Guitar, Synth
Joel – Drums

Mixed by Daniel Hoxmeier
Mastered by Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta at The Lodge
Artwork by Daniel Hoxmeier

You Can Have It If You Want It

Official video of the single “You Can Have It If You Want It” from Oh No Oh My.

I Follow The Line

Another week, another new song. This week’s song, Big Hands Big Fire, started out as an acoustic guitar based lament, and turned into methodical, pounding, and aggressive sounding sequel of sorts to the song 25 o’clock by Dukes of Stratosphere. Listen for the Bass guitar and organ swirling around during the breaks…if you listen closely on some headphones you should be good and disoriented. PERFECT! THE MOOD IS SET.

I am constantly drawn to the simple but powerful imagery that the word “line” creates in a lyrical context. A line has at least three points: a beginning, a middle, and an end. The trouble comes when we try to ascertain our own position relative to that line, which leads to questions such as “where am I?” “where have I been?” and “what comes next?”

I can’t answer those questions with any certainty. I have no idea if the line to which I am tethered happens to be straight, or if my suspicions are correct and I’m simply stuck in an infinite circle. There is no end in sight at the moment, but I’ll let you know if I ever find out for sure.



Big Hands Big Fire

released 13 August 2012

Daniel – Singing, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Greg – Bass, Piano, Singing
Tim – Organ, Electric Guitar, Singing
Joel – Drums, Cookie Sheet

Mixed by Daniel Hoxmeier
Mastered by Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta at The Lodge
Artwork by Joel Calvin

On The Right Track

Released 23 July 2012

Greg – Singing, Bass, Organ
Daniel – Organ, Electric Guitar, Synth, Singing
Tim – Rhodes, Singing
Joel – Drums, Tambourine

Mixed by Daniel Hoxmeier 
Mastered by Emily Lazar & Joe LaPorta at The Lodge
Artwork by Drew Arrison


New Songs, New Method, Same Band

We look to the future through the cloudy eyes of the past. The wheel of time grows ever more round with each passing year, rolling ever onward into the encroaching darkness. But yet we will light the torch that leads the way into that unknown place that we all refer to as “tomorrow”. Hang the banners, ring the bells, and sound the trumpets, for tomorrow is here today!

Not satisfied with the waiting period that typically precedes the release of a full length record, our band has come to a conclusion: why wait anymore? From now on we will be writing, recording, and releasing our songs as standalone singles directly to you (“you”) the listener. As long as the demands of the people (“you”) are still kindled and aflame, (and we can endure our self imposed rigorous schedule), these singles will see the light of day every 2-3 weeks throughout the rest of the year, perhaps even longer.  As soon as we’re done with a song, you’ll be able to listen, buy, and share it  just a few weeks after it’s left our collective fingertips.

You may ask, “why do this?” We ask you in return, well, why not? It is our hope that this new method will breathe fresh creativity into our lungs…so you might hear a crazy fuzzed out instrumental electronic song one week, and then a stripped down acoustic guitar and vocal the next. WHO KNOWS WHAT MAY COME NEXT? No one tells us what to do, so this is what we’re doing. Nobody puts Baby in a corner, and today, we are ALL named Baby.

To help facilitate the release of all these songs, we’ve created this brand new website which you are floating about right now. We will be updating on a regular basis, so that if you so desire, you can see how the creative process works for each of us. All the band members (if they were telling the truth) will be posting their personal thoughts on music and life, amongst other things. We are a diverse set of 4 men, and we all have a unique voice. So now you can hear each of us roar. Or Meow.

To mark the occasion, we’re releasing a brand new song that you can listen to right now called You Can Have It If You Want It. Do me a personal favor, and please put on a decent pair of headphones before listening to this song for the first time…there’s a lot going on in there, and laptop speakers won’t really do it justice.

Check back two weeks from today, and we have a brand new song ready for you. Also make sure you take a listen to our first single that kick-started this whole thing, Take It Back. You’ll be able to find all of our new songs under the tab entitled “New Music”.

If you’ve made it this far, why not take a trip down the rabbit hole with us, and together we’ll see where it may lead. And please tell your friends, as all of this would be rather pointless without people like “you” listening.

-Daniel & the rest of ONOM

You Can Have It If You Want It

Please find and a decent pair of headphones and equip them before listening.
Also turn up the volume appropriately loud.

Released 09 July 2012

Greg – Singing, Rhodes, Electric Guitar, Piano
Daniel – Bass, Organ, String Pads, Electric Guitar, Synth, Singing
Tim – Electric Guitar, Moog Rogue, Singing
Joel – Drums

Mixed by Daniel Hoxmeier
Mastered by Emily Lazar & Joe LaPorta at The Lodge

Take It Back

The Recording of Oh No Oh My’s single Take It Back. The audio file used in this video is not the official version of the song.