5 Best Tents for Music Festival

By: MJ Park Si


Looking for the best tents for music festival? You could already be thinking about which music festival you’ll go to after the pandemic is over, or maybe you’ve already written it down on your to-do list. Either way, it’s time to start making plans. Taking your tent with you to a music festival is one of the necessary preparations that you need to do to go to one of these events.

A tent can make or break your festival experience because if you choose the incorrect one, you may spend the whole weekend drenched in sweat, huddled together with strangers, and unable to get any sleep. In addition, you won’t have to worry about being rained on, bitten by mosquitoes, or waking up with a sore back from having to sleep on the ground.

If you are just coming to the festival with two friends or as a couple, you won’t want as much room as you would at a family event. Continue reading for our selection of the top festival tents available for purchase, and then scroll down for more shopping recommendations and answers to frequently asked questions. Check our list of the best tents for music festival!

List of Best Tents for Music Festival 

Since so many alternatives are available, selecting the finest tents might overwhelm you. You may be partying during the day and camping out for the night. Even though you are getting set for an incredible weekend, you could be concerned about the safety of the festival. For this, we have done the hard work for you by selecting five best tents for music festival that will get you through your preferred music festival or a weekend camping vacation.

1. Coleman Tent Octagon – Best Overall Festival Camping Tents

Best Tents for Music Festival Reviewed

What We Like:

  • Durable materials 
  • Spacious 
  • Waterproof design for foul weather 
  • Lots of windows 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Quite heavy 
  • Bulky packed size 
  • Limited gear storage 

The Coleman Octagon Tent is ideal for a small or big group because it can accommodate up to eight people in its spacious interior. This best tents for music festival is a wonderful option for either small or large groups on a tight budget because of its inexpensive cost. It’s built to withstand the test of time thanks to its sturdy materials and rugged design.

  • Design 
    Coleman Octagon is designed to impress. This is great for folks who wish to spend more time outside comfortably. The tent’s materials are its most impressive feature. Coleman made this tent with stainless steel, fiberglass, polyethylene, and polyester. 
  • Water-Resistance
    For an inexpensive tent, the Coleman Octagon is weather-resistant. Weaved flooring and inverted seams help keep water out of this model’s WeatherTec System.
  • Comfort 
    Because Coleman designed this tent to focus on the user’s comfort, it should be no surprise that our evaluation highly values the tent’s livability. Even better, it comes with a detachable room divider that you can use to section off your sleeping area whenever you choose throughout the night.

2. Londrent PopUp Tent – Best Pop-Up Music Festival Tents

Best Pop-Up Music Festival Tents

What We Like:

  • Durable materials 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to fold 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Easily leaked 

A pop-up tent that is instant and has poles that are already built may be put up in a matter of seconds. All you need to do to put it up is unzip the bag and let go. Setting up this best tents for music festival is both simple and entertaining. There is no need to spend valuable time camping on the festival venue by setting up tents, and there is no need to get upset if it unexpectedly starts to rain.

  • Ventilation 
    Having mesh front and rear doors allows you to enjoy the wind. When it rains, you don’t have to step outside to shut the windows since the nylon door seals the screen material in place for complete seclusion.
  • Space 
    Pop-up tent accommodates 3-4 people in sleeping bags or 2-3 people and a slew of camping gear with a floor area of 9.2 x 6.6 feet. 4.3 feet is the center height. 8 x Tent Pegs and 4 x 3mm Wind Ropes are included.
  • Vestibule 
    Constructed of 190T Polyester Fabric, the groundsheet is made of 110G PE Gray. To keep the tent clean, you may put your dirty shoes and outer garments in the vestibule.

3. Coleman Sundome Camping Tent – Best for 2-3 People Coleman Festival Tent

Best for 2-3 People Coleman Festival Tent
 (Coleman Sundome Camping Tent)

What We Like:

  • Durable materials 
  • Multi-sized
  • Air-circulating ground vents

What We Don’t Like:

  • No mesh lining 

The maker, Coleman, says that this tent can be assembled in less than ten minutes, which is ideal if you plan to take it down and reassemble it everyday throughout the event. this best tents for music festival contains two mesh pockets for storing your belongings and an “E-port” that allows you to put an extension cord directly into your tent.

  • Waterproof 
    The welded corners and inverted seams prevent water from getting in, and the attached rainfly adds even more protection from the weather.
  • Design 
    The sturdy structure can resist gusts of over 35 mph and Large windows and a ground vent to provide increased ventilation. The interior can accommodate one queen-size air bed.
  • Stay Connected 
    The inclusion of an E-port simplifies the process of bringing electrical power inside to charge your portable charger.

4. Coleman WeatherMaster – Best for Big Group 10×10 Festival Tent

Best for Big Group 10x10 Festival Tent 
 (Coleman WeatherMaster)

What We Like:

  • Wind and rain resistant 
  • Easy setup 
  • Affordable
  • Spacious 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Poor stakes

The Coleman WeatherMaster 10 tent is simple to erect, provides an abundance of ventilation, and is of a suitable size; it has the capacity to house between 8 and 9 people. We suggest cutting the required number of people by one to give ourselves a little wiggle space.

  • Space 
    Tent with a cabin-like design can fit 10 people and offers enough for three queen-size air beds. You may have your own space while still being with family and friends.
  • Water Resistance
    This tent may be perfect. Mesh ceilings, waterproof flooring, and windows provide ventilation. Doors and window flaps are well-designed for airflow.
  • Workmanship 
    The WeatherMaster 10 is made of high-quality materials. 75T polyester taffeta, 450 mm PU covering provides wind and rain protection, color-coordinated poles simplify assembly and continuous pole sleeves are handy.

5. 2 Person Dome Tent – Best Budget Friendly Festival Canopy

Best Budget Friendly  Festival Canopy
 (2 Person Dome Tent)

What We Like:

  • Wind and rain resistant 
  • Easy setup 
  • Affordable
  • Light weight 
  • Easy to assemble 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Water resistance 
  • Sturdiness 

This lightweight 2-person dome tent with a huge D-style entrance offers ample room for you and a guest. This tiny best tents for music festival is perfect for trekking, camping, music festivals, kids play tents, fishing, or beach shelters. 

  • Durable 
    Half the struggle of camping is staying dry. The tent’s robust nylon body and rain fly help keep water out for a dry journey.
  • Dual-layer door 
    The tent door’s inner screen and exterior zippered fabric layers offer airflow and privacy. Simply tie back the doors to allow in air and keep away pests. 
  • Easy to set up 
    This dome tent just needs 2 fiberglass poles to put up and take down. When you’re done camping, pack up the tent in the supplied bag.

Best Tents for Music Festival Buying Guides

People stumble about during festivals. Your tent may take a beating and return in worse shape than when you left. Spending a bundle on a tent isn’t a good idea unless you’re at a family-friendly event with plenty of camping space. If you are looking for the greatest possibilities for your tents, the following is some advice that you may want to pay attention to in order to choose the best tents for music festival.


When you travel to a music festival, you’ll think of fun activities, and your tent isn’t only for sleeping. Your tent must give seclusion and keep your valuables hidden. You’ll want to spend leisure time in your tent to get out of the elements or doing peaceful activities like stargazing with your buddies.

Size and Weight 

Do not undervalue the number of physical effort necessary to bring a tent and put it up. You don’t want to bring a little tent that’s just ideal for sleeping in if your campsite is a long distance away, but you also don’t want to bring a giant tent that’s going to pull you down. Since most people drive to music festivals, transporting a tent from the vehicle to the designated camping area is often accomplished in a matter of minutes rather than hours.


The material that makes up the tent is available in a wide range of hues and patterns. Canvas or nylon are the two most prevalent fabric types used in their production. Canvas is more expensive than nylon, but it is more resistant to water and ultraviolet radiation and may thus last longer. You should find it easier to breathe now.

Before making a final choice regarding the kind of tent to buy, it is important to take into consideration the forecasted weather. The amount of time that your celebration will last will also have an impact on the kinds of supplies that you will use. Nylon rapidly loses its strength in stormy conditions like wind and rain, so protecting yourself with it is not a viable long-term strategy.


In the event that the weather is stormy, muddy, or dusty during a festival, your tent should shield you from all of these factors. Camping tents during festivals face the risk of getting dangerously hot if they do not have sufficient ventilation. Many events are conducted during the warmer and drier months of the year, when the weather is often more stable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of tent for a festival? 

If you’re traveling with a group, consider renting a tent with a couple bedrooms and a living area. In comparison to buying individual tents, this is more cost-effective and versatile. Even if you’re traveling alone, it’s a good idea to carry a double-skin tent to a festival. When it rains a lot, the seams of low-cost single-skin tents begin to come undone.

What does a good festival tent need? 

In addition to being able to survive the weather, a good camping tent should also have appropriate ventilation, enough space for sleeping in comfort, and, ideally, an easy method for putting it up.

What happens to tents left behind at a festival? 

Landfills are where they end up after they’ve been recycled. Tents that are left behind during festivals are seldom given to charity. The average abandoned tent has the equivalent of 8,750 drinking straws’ worth of plastic garbage. It’s worth the money to get a tent that you can use for years to come.

How to secure your tent at a festival? 

Your tent may be protected by a wide variety of different security measures. Lockers are genuinely available for hire at the vast majority of contemporary events. If you believe that this would be something that would work for you, then you could leave your belongings or hydration bag in the locker while you are out and about doing other things. However, if the festival allows you to travel to and from your can, then this will be the safest spot for you to hide your money and other valuables. Put whatever you need to hide away in the trunk of your automobile.

Even while it is relatively uncommon for festival-goers to have their possessions and money taken from their tents, the fact that there are thousands of people there means that there is always the possibility that it may happen to you.

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