MoonDrop Space Travel Review: Affordable ANC Marvel


Greetings, audio enthusiasts! Today, we’re venturing into the cosmos of immersive soundscapes with the MoonDrop Space Travel, a true wireless earbud set that promises to redefine your auditory experience. As we unbox this technological marvel, let’s unravel the stellar features that make the Space Travel a potential game-changer in the world of audio.

MoonDrop is known for crafting finely tuned audio gear without breaking the bank. Our last encounter with MoonDrop was the Neco King, which left us wanting more. Let’s explore what the Space Travel brings to the table.

MoonDrop’s latest innovation, Space Travel, ventures into uncharted territories of true wireless earbuds technology. Let’s delve into the exceptional features that set it apart.

MoonDrop Space Travel Review

Rating: 8.5/10

MoonDrop Space Travel Technical Specifications:


  • Transparent top shell with a white bottom for a futuristic look.
  • LED indicator on the front to display battery life.
  • Type-C charging port located at the bottom.
  • Asymmetrical design with MoonDrop branding.
  • Bluetooth 5.3 compatibility.


  • Type: Open-ear design.
  • Model: Space Travel.
  • Color: Black.

Audio Quality:

  • Driver: φ14.2mm dynamic driver.
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz – 20kHz.
  • Audio Codec: AAC/SBC.

Noise Cancellation:

  • ENC with Dual Mic Call Noise Reduction.


  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.3.
  • Effective Bluetooth Range: 10m.

Battery Life:

  • Earbuds Battery Capacity: 70mAh each.
  • Charging Case Battery Capacity: 600mAh.
  • Music Play Time (AAC, default setting, 50% volume):
    • Earbuds: 12 hours (single charge).
    • With Charging Case: 42 hours.


  • Cable Charge Time: 1.5 hours (earbuds), 1.5 hours (charging case).
  • Charging Port: USB Type-C.

Special Features:

  • Dual-Axis Design & Multi-angle Adjustment for a customized fit.
  • Smart LED Digital Display and support for wireless charging.
  • Stereo & Reality Sound Quality.
  • MoonDrop Link App for customization.
  • Automatic Reconnection with seamless switching between monaural and binaural modes.
  • Ergonomically Comfortable Shallow Ear Fit.

Design and Build

MoonDrop Space Travel Review

The Space Travel design bears a resemblance to the Edifier QD35, an eye-catching, futuristic-looking speaker. The transparent top shell serves as the case, providing a unique aesthetic. The absence of a lid, like Phil’s earbuds, makes it simple. A small LED indicator on the front showcases the battery status, while MoonDrop’s minimalistic branding is at the back.

The Space Travel’s bottom holds the USB Type-C port. While practical, having it at the bottom means laying the earbuds flat while charging. A notable detail is the Bluetooth 5.3 branding, adding a modern touch.

The Space Travel’s design cues hint at a future where form meets function seamlessly. Reminiscent of the edifier qd35 and yet uniquely MoonDrop, its transparent top shell adds a touch of modernity, revealing the intricate components within. The minimalist approach, with a touch-sensitive faceplate and LED indicators, projects a sleek and futuristic vibe.

Comfort and Battery Life

MoonDrop Space Travel Review

Comfort-wise, these are budget-friendly and lack in-ear sensors. Battery life, unfortunately, takes a hit with ANC. Expect around 4 hours without ANC and approximately 2.5 to 3 hours with it. Charging is reasonable, taking about an hour for the earbuds and 1.5 hours for the case.

For volume, a comfortable listening level starts at 45%, getting loud at 70%. No need to push it to the max for an enjoyable experience.

Audio Quality and Features

MoonDrop Space Travel Review

MoonDrop maintains its reputation for great audio at a friendly price. Bluetooth 5.3, AAC and SBC support, and a 13mm titanium dome diaphragm contribute to a balanced, crisp sound. Total harmonic distortion (THD) is kept below 0.1%, ensuring distortion-free sound even at higher volumes.

The MoonDrop Link app offers customization. Touch controls can be remapped, and bass intensity is adjustable in three modes. The absence of an in-ear sensor keeps the cost down.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Surprisingly, the ANC on the Space Travel outperforms its predecessor. It effectively reduces ambient noises in various environments. In crowded places, it does well, though some noise might seep through. The transparency mode is a useful addition.

Call Quality and Latency

Call quality is decent, but where these shine is in low latency—55 milliseconds, great for video consumption, if not dedicated gaming.

Lossless Sound Quality with 35dB Depth Wide-band ANC

Traditionally, ANC TWS earbuds rely on a hybrid feedforward-feedback system for noise cancellation. However, the feedback microphone in the front cavity often collects unwanted noise, resulting in bass loss. To combat this, additional filters are commonly used for active compensation. The Space Travel revolutionizes this approach by adopting a single feedforward solution, sacrificing the easier adjustment of a hybrid scheme for unparalleled sound fidelity.

Game Mode and Music/Game Mode Switching

One of the standout features of the Space Travel is its 55ms Low-latency Game Mode. Most impressively, users can seamlessly switch between dual connection modes. Besides the default music mode, a simple tap on the touch faceplate four times activates game mode. In this mode, the signal transmission delay plummets to a remarkable 55ms, ensuring a lag-free and immersive gaming experience.

Note: The 55ms delay is based on the official specification of the SOC chip and may vary due to environmental interference and connected equipment.

Bass Control and Three Bass Tunings

Tailoring your audio experience is made effortless with the MoonDrop Link APP. The Space Travel allows users to choose from three distinct bass tunings: “Monitor,” “Reference,” and “Basshead.” Whether you prefer a neutral reference sound or crave a deep, resonant bass, the customization options cater to diverse preferences.

Automatic Reconnection and Seamless Mode Switching

Enhancing user convenience, the Space Travel boasts automatic reconnection and seamless switching between monaural and binaural modes. Simply removing one or both earpieces from the charging case triggers automatic reconnection to the paired device. Thanks to mirror image technology, this connection remains intact even when one or both earpieces are returned to the charging case.

Ergonomically Comfortable Shallow Ear Fit

The Space Travel prioritizes comfort with its shallow ear fit, ensuring a more comfortable experience than standard in-ear headphones. This design caters to users with smaller ear canals, providing an ergonomic and snug fit for extended listening sessions.

In conclusion, MoonDrop’s Space Travel transcends the boundaries of conventional ANC TWS earbuds. With cutting-edge features like lossless sound quality, low-latency gaming, customizable bass tuning, and seamless mode switching, it stands as a testament to MoonDrop’s commitment to delivering an unparalleled audio experience. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or a gaming aficionado, Space Travel promises to be a stellar companion on your audio journey.

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Why It’s Worth Buying:

The MoonDrop Space Travel is worth buying for those who seek a harmonious blend of style, advanced features, and exceptional audio quality without breaking the bank. Here are the reasons it’s a worthy investment:

  • Advanced Noise Cancellation: The innovative single feedforward noise cancellation technology sets it apart, ensuring an immersive listening experience without sacrificing bass.
  • Versatile Usage: From music enthusiasts to gamers, the Space Travel caters to a diverse audience with its low-latency game mode and seamless mode switching.
  • Customization Options: The ability to customize bass tunings via the MoonDrop Link App adds a personal touch to your audio preferences.
  • Convenience Features: Automatic reconnection, seamless switching, and mirror image technology make these earbuds convenient and user-friendly.
  • Affordability: Offering a plethora of features at an affordable price makes the MoonDrop Space Travel a cost-effective choice for those who demand quality without a hefty price tag.

In essence, MoonDrop Space Travel excels in delivering a premium audio experience without compromising on style, comfort, or affordability, making it a compelling option in the competitive wireless earbud market.

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2. Can I customize the bass frequencies on the Space Travel earbuds?

Explore the bass control feature! Find out how you can tailor the low-end frequencies to suit your musical taste using the MoonDrop Link APP.

3. How does the Space Travel handle different EQ modes for bass tuning?

Uncover the bass tuning options! Discover the nuances between the “Monitor,” “Reference,” and “Basshead” settings, and choose the one that resonates with your preferred audio signature.

4. Is there a noticeable difference in sound quality when switching between monaural and binaural modes?

Explore the seamless transition! Understand how the Space Travel maintains audio quality whether you’re using one earbud or both, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable listening experience.

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