OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones: Review


In the ever-evolving landscape of audio technology, the OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones have emerged as a standout contender, promising a unique and immersive listening experience. This comprehensive review delves into the features, performance, and overall impression of these innovative headphones.

OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones

Rating: 4/5

Technical Support OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones

Design and Build:

  • Ergonomic and adjustable silicone ear hooks for a secure fit
  • Lightweight construction for prolonged comfort
  • Sleek and modern design

Audio Performance:

  • Dynamic driver for high-fidelity sound
  • Supports up to 576 Kbps aptX high-resolution audio
  • Patented TubeBass acoustic technology for enhanced bass depth and richness


  • Bluetooth version: 5.2 for seamless and stable wireless connection
  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops

Battery Life:

  • Up to 19 hours of playtime and call time on a single charge (at 70% volume)
  • Additional 27 hours of playback with the charging case
  • Total combined battery life of up to 46 hours

Waterproof and Durability:

  • IPX5 waterproof rating for sweat and moisture resistance
  • Designed for outdoor activities, including running, cycling, hiking, and more

Controls and Features:

  • Integrated control buttons for playback, volume adjustment, and calls
  • Voice assistant compatibility for hands-free control

Additional Features:

  • Surrounding awareness technology for heightened environmental awareness during activities
  • Compatibility with voice assistants for added convenience

Package Contents:

  • OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones
  • Charging case
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual


  • Manufacturer’s warranty for product assurance and support

Design and Comfort

OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones

The design of the OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones reflects a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. The adjustable hooks and ergonomic build contribute to a secure and comfortable fit, allowing users to engage in various physical activities without compromising on stability. The lightweight construction adds to the comfort factor, ensuring extended wearing sessions don’t lead to discomfort.

Sound Quality

OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones

A highlight of the OpenRock Pro headphones lies in their sound quality. Equipped with a dynamic driver and supporting up to 576 Kbps aptX high-resolution audio, these headphones deliver a vivid and detailed sonic experience. The extra deep bass, enhanced by the patented TubeBass technology, adds a layer of richness to the audio, elevating the overall listening journey. Whether it’s crisp highs, resonating mids, or powerful lows, the OpenRock Pro headphones manage to strike an impressive balance across the frequency spectrum.

Immersive Sound Enhanced by TubeBass Technology

OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones

Crafted for audiophiles, the design of our open-ear headphones is equipped with a formidable dynamic driver, capable of delivering an exceptional high-resolution audio experience at up to 576 Kbps with aptX technology. This combination results in an unparalleled sonic journey, characterized by vivid and top-tier sound quality that pushes the boundaries of what bone conduction headphones can achieve.

Extended Playback of Up to 46 Hours

OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones

Experience an incredible battery life that grants you up to 19 hours of uninterrupted listening and call time at 70% volume from a single charge. This liberates you from the need to tote a charging case during your brief excursions. However, if you’re embarking on an extended journey, make sure to stow the additional 27-hour charging case in your bag – your ultimate music companion for prolonged escapades.

Enhanced Environmental Awareness

Carefully crafted to facilitate heightened awareness of your surroundings, these headphones ensure you remain attuned to potential hazards during activities like running, cycling, or outdoor exploration. Say goodbye to the perils of outdoor sports as you embrace a safer and more aware experience.


Unparalleled Comfort Revolution

Discover the next level of comfort with our true wireless open-ear headphones, offering incredibly comfortable all-day wear that traditional in-ear headphones simply can’t match. Experience the bliss of wearing headphones without any intrusion into your ears, avoiding the discomfort often associated with traditional in-ear buds. Say goodbye to common ear canal issues and revel in the liberating and exceptionally comfortable open ear sensation.

Stay Secure During Sports

With our patented ergonomic design and flexible silicone ear hooks, achieving a customized fit that matches your ear’s contours is a breeze. This clever design evenly distributes the weight across your entire ear, ensuring a lightweight feel and minimizing the chances of them slipping off during your active moments. What’s more, their IPX5 waterproof rating guards against sweat, making them the ideal companion for your running, cycling, hiking, and indoor or outdoor activities, providing reliable performance for your daily adventures.


The OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones present a refreshing take on audio technology, combining comfort, sound quality, and versatility into a single package. With their unique design, impressive battery life, and TubeBass technology, these headphones offer a compelling option for individuals seeking a dynamic and immersive listening experience during their active lifestyles. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a music lover, the OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones hold the potential to revolutionize your auditory journey.

Frequency Ask Question Ear Headphones

What makes the OpenRock Pro Open Ear Headphones stand out from other headphones on the market?

The OpenRock Pro headphones offer a unique open-ear design, providing comfort and awareness of your surroundings while delivering high-quality sound. The patented TubeBass acoustic technology enhances bass depth, and the IPX5 waterproof rating makes them suitable for various outdoor activities.

How is the comfort level of the OpenRock Pro headphones during extended use?

The OpenRock Pro headphones feature ergonomic silicone ear hooks and a lightweight build, ensuring a comfortable fit even during prolonged wear. The open-ear design eliminates the discomfort often associated with traditional in-ear headphones.

What kind of sound quality can I expect from the OpenRock Pro headphones?

The OpenRock Pro headphones utilize a dynamic driver and support up to 576 Kbps aptX high-resolution audio, delivering exceptional sound quality with clear highs, detailed mids, and enhanced bass depth thanks to the TubeBass technology.

How long does the battery last on a single charge, and is there a charging case included?

The OpenRock Pro headphones offer up to 19 hours of playtime and call time on a single charge (at 70% volume). The included charging case provides an additional 27 hours of playback, resulting in a total combined battery life of up to 46 hours.

Are the OpenRock Pro headphones suitable for sports and outdoor activities?

Yes, the OpenRock Pro headphones are designed with an IPX5 waterproof rating, making them resistant to sweat and moisture. The secure fit provided by the adjustable silicone ear hooks ensures they stay in place during activities like running, cycling, hiking, and more.

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