Why do podcasters wear headphones?


You might notice that the most important podcast hosts currently wear headphones in most episodes

Headphones can help podcasters hear their voices louder and block out extraneous noise surrounding them so they can focus on their presentation better. 

This same principle applies to listeners who stuff their ears with cotton candies to ensure you can hear your internal voice better.

This article examines the advantages and functions of why podcaster need to wear headphones. 

Reasons Why do podcasters wear headphones?

Reasons Why do podcasters wear headphones?
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Headphones are thought to be one of the most important tools that podcasters use when recording and editing podcasts. Wearing studio headphones for gaming when recording and editing podcasts has multiple benefits.

We have put together an overview of some of the main reasons why you should use headphones while you’re recording and some of their advantages.

1. Audio Monitoring

Audio Monitoring
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Recording a podcast with audio headphones lets you monitor your sound as you’re recording. If you’re using a good set of audio headphones, you will be able to hear precisely what your sound effects, music, and speech will sound like to your audience.

When you’re doing audio recording, you need to listen to your own voice as you go in order to make those small sound modifications that will still maintain your audio quality high. After all, audio quality is a big determinant of a successful podcast!

2. Avoid Bleeding

Bleeding can occur in situations where you are speaking to a guest using your computer speakers. If you speak in a loud way when talking to your guest, there is a chance your voice may be picked up by the dynamic microphone, which may cause the user’s voice the instructor to bleed.

It’s not only unpleasant for listeners; it’s also a sign of a poor podcast production quality.

Rather than sharing audio of your guest via loudspeakers, listen directly to your guests via headsets to eliminate the problem with this solution.

Having all of your guests wear headphones can give you the option to use separate audio tracks in the editing process.

It’s essential to eliminate those errors during the first draft instead of fixing them after.

3. Avoid Speaker Feedback

One of the drawbacks not using headset is that the speaker’s voice will be picked up through your mic, developing a very loud annoying sound.

The noise that is picked up through the microphone would then be sent out through the speaker once again. Only to be picked up by the microphone again, but louder. And then come out the speaker again (even louder), and so-forth.

4. Eliminate Echos

Echos are unfortunate elements that can damage your podcast, and this issue, at some cases, is a result of recording audio or video interviews with software such as Skype and Zoom.

If you do not wear headphones while at meetings, the streaming microphone on your computer picks up sounds from the speakers, which often echoes attendees and becomes downright irritating.

5. Allows remote recording

Normally, everyone on your podcast would be in your recording studio with you, but sometimes that just can’t be the case. You can easily set up Skype or Zoom software program in order to communicate with your guests.

If you’re recording your audio this way, you and your guest will need to wear headphones. Don’t rely on your computer speakers to hear them! Otherwise, you may end up with all sorts of bleeding issues.

6. Easy Editing & Recording

Easy Editing Recording
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Not every podcast you record will always be perfect, and you will likely have to edit the parts of your recording before broadcasting it online.

Getting a good pair of headphones will allow you to determine some necessary changes you must make and remove some annoying sounds in your recordings. Make it all easier!

7. Sound Quality Assurance

A podcast requires the perfect sound quality, which is only made possible by an ideal pair of headphones. Aside from the advantages mentioned above in this article, headphones also enable you to prevent your noise from reaching unintended individuals but do not strain your eardrums. Make sure the comfort while wearing headset to avoid head dent using this tips.

If you’d like to offer your listeners with exceptional audio, be sure to get a good pair of podcasting headphones for better podcasting experience!

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